4REAL’ is a lifestyle I’ve been living for a long time. It’s my personal power smoothie of mental, physical and spiritual principles that I consume and apply every day to be the best version of myself. It fueled me through my greatest and toughest moments.

4REAL MBS is committed to educating the “whole” man so that these skills are used at maximum levels. With this in mind, our mentoring program is geared in building character, encouragement, promoting self love & care, assisting in setting goals, and exposing them to the many possibilities that life has to offer them. The research shows that mentoring is important and necessary for urban youth.

My career began as a physical education instructor and maturated to leadership as a high school principal. During my final three years as High School Principal, the school was bestowed the Reward School Honor by the State of Michigan for its academic growth as a school of excellence. With over 18 years of experience in education and 25 years in coaching and personal training. My role has always focused on children, with or without resources, to support them with what they need to be prepared for what they will face next in life.

My life took an unexpected turn when I got injured and lost my job. After putting in for countless positions in the educational field to no avail, I began Uber-driving and personal training to help support my family. Although this was a very challenging time in my life, I refused to let my situation define me or my destiny. I prayed. I spent quality time with my family. I worked out every day and began freelancing as a personal trainer. A client I had been personal training told me his nephew was the general sales manager at Feldman Chevrolet in Livonia, and asked if I’d ever thought about selling cars. Although I’d never thought about it before, I kept an open mind because I desperately needed a job. So I wound up meeting with the general manager for about 45 minutes, was offered a job right on the spot and I immediately started working the next day. I had never sold a car a day in my life.

By remaining steadfast in my faith in God and staying committed to learning and growing outside of my comfort zone, I became a top-performing sales professional. I am now a sales manager with a team of 10 and have built my own automotive brokerage under

the 4REAL brand.

4REAL’ means:  

4getting what’s behind you.

Realizing who you are created you to be.

Entering into your Destiny.

Always Moving Forward.

Learning from the Lessons of Life.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not about what happens to you — it’s about how YOU respond and if you are 4REAL.